People design trophies to award those who have done well in certain field. Different fields have different awards such as FIFA trophies, football trophy, NACC trophy and baseball trophies, and more about sports trophies in for all fans discussion. It can prove the different ability of different people. Baseball is greatly popular in America. You can see many people play baseball in their spare time whether girls or boys, young or old people. Fantasy baseball trophies are one of the biggest prizes in American life.

MLB is short for Major League Baseball. The baseball association in America would give people the commissioner's trophy if he or she won the game. The name of baseball trophy is the one that can not be named by people's names. They feel very excited when you win the game. People do their best to practice baseball in their spare time. The trophies of baseball have many different styles. The trophies are made from many different materials such as gold, silver and copper. The trophies of baseball looked very beautiful. That is why many people want to win the trophy.

The trophies attract many people's eyes. I can easily spot a beautiful trophy. It was made from copper. To my surprise, the trophies are all connected with small copper boy. It looks like a real boy. He brings the stick on his right hand and two legs have a bit of squat on the pedestal of trophy. Many trophies have different boys. They have different actions. All in all, they look beautiful in my eyes. Many people want to own it. 

The trophy of baseball plays an important role in America life. People think it can prove their ability to the field of baseball. The price of trophy is not high. With the development of society, many manufactures produce different trophies to attract people's eyes that will attract you to win the game. Baseball is gradually popular in China, too. I believe Chinese people will play it well.

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