New Ways to Express Your Love


There is no shortage of ways to express your love to your husband of wife.  As a loving partner, I’m constantly inspired to find new ways to say it or come up with warming ways to express it.  For me, it’s like a fun hobby to figure out new, and often kind of cheesy ways to tell my boy I love him, but I know that he appreciates it.  Who wouldn’t?  Here are a couple of hints and strategies on how to express your love.

Do It Often

There is no “too much” here.  All of us need validation, all of us like to hear it, so don’t get all self-conscious about it and let your guy or gal know that he or she is loved.  I say it as soon as I get up and right before I go to bed.  It’s not that it’s a habit or part of my routine, I think that takes away from it actually, it’s because I just get another excuse to say it and that feels just as good as hearing it. 

Be Impulsive

That’s right, be unexpected.  Only saying it isn’t enough, sometimes you need to show it.  I try to surprise my love as often as I can with a home cooked meal, a weekend getaway or a nice little gift that I know will mean something to him.  I recently discovered wooden rings, and I bought him one.  It’s earthen tone and smooth finish reminded me of his love of the outdoors and need to be outside in nature.  If you’re interested in surprising your love with a wooden ring, go to koa wood wedding band or rolex repair los angeles and scroll through the hundreds of options.  There are wooden rings for men and women and they encompass many styles. 


Learn how to put yourself in your partner’s shoes.  Learn how to love his  family even if their politics are different and appreciate his hobbies even if they seem boring.  To me, that is the true meaning of love, the ability to really know someone and appreciate them for their flaws as well as their strengths.  One often hears his friends complaining about going to the in-law’s for the holidays and about how much of a chore that fact is.  If you have in-laws, even if they’re not your favorite people in the world, consider yourself lucky.  Not everyone is lucky enough to find love, so if you have it, make sure not to ever take it for granted.  Last thanksgiving, I could have won an academy award for the way I appreciated dinner.  It’s not that it was bad, it was just nothing like the way my family does it. 

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