#DBSParty2014: To New Beginnings!


While coming up with this post, I have been secretly wishing for this blog post to help me win a trip to Manila, or to stay overnight in Banana Beach, or to enjoy a staycation at any Tune hotels in the Philippines. 

No matter how hard I wish for the universe to conspire and grant me one of the things mentioned above, for the love of the Davao Bloggers Society, I just can't. Not anymore. Tables have been turned during the recent Davao Bloggers Society Acquaintance Party last April 12, 2014 at Bucket Shrimps, Metro Lifestyle Complex, Davao City, wherein I was one of the newly-elected officers with a term of two years, which means to say that I am no longer eligible to win prizes to be given away by the organization. A sad thing as it may seem to sound but I am more than excited and challenged to accept the responsibility handed over to me knowing that my co-officers and my friends in the organization (ehem ehem #PositivePeeps!) will always be there to back me up!

The DBS Acquaintance Party 2014 was actually the first event that we, the new set of officers, organized. Even though the information about the event came out on short notice, we are thankful and overwhelmed that the number of attendees exceeded the number we expected. Let me take this opportunity to thank every one who took their time to grace this event despite your busy schedule. It was truly a pleasant experience to see and bond with both old and new faces in the organization.  We hoped everyone had fun during the event. 

Most of all, this event would not be made successful if not for the generosity and kindness of our sponsors: Smart Communications, Cebu Pacific Air, Tune Hotel Philippines, Banana Beach Resort, Krispy Kreme, My Skin Origins, Bucket Shrimps, and Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp. Thank you very much!

The new set of Davao Bloggers Society Officers (2014-2016)

And although my chance at winning in Davao Blogger events have already been forfeited, this new beginning was also something I look forward to- pushing myself to beyond what I think I'm capable of doing. I didn't see being elected as an officer as something I wanted when I started blogging or being in this group, but I do believe that things really happen for a reason and with this, I am embracing the opportunities and the lessons that will come along the way as means of improving myself. 

As we welcome new beginnings in the organization, I fervently hope that you will continue to participate and support the upcoming events of the Davao Bloggers Society in the coming years. 

Indeed, challenge accepted! PUSH and to God be all the glory!

For more information and event updates about the Davao Bloggers Society, you may LIKE them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram and Twitter: @davaobloggers. 

Photo credits: 
Algene Cutamora of http://iamthecoffeechic.com
Madie Boie Sahid of http://boiewanderer.com
Dennis Li of http://stayshoti.tumblr.com

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