Shining Shimmering Prom


For one individual currently working in a secondary academic institution, a prom night is not only a twice in a lifetime opportunity, unlike others. And when you get to be invited to the school's shining and shimmering-themed prom for the nth time around and be reminded about the school's dress code, deciding on what to wear becomes more difficult.

Shining and shimmering. At gunpoint, I already knew what to wear without having to spend another thousand bucks and without breaking my two-month-no-clothes-shopping rule. The dress I wore during the 2012 Davao Bloggers Society Casino Royale-themed Christmas party seemed to be the most perfect idea. However,  when one is expected to be a role model to students, such dress would appear too short, too skimpy, too tight, too sexy and so on and forth.

End result: a recycled outfit. I am not someone who has any problem with recycled outfits. My wardrobe isn't too big nor my clothes are too many for me to stick to a one-use-only policy but as much as possible, I steer away from wearing the same outfit on the same events with the same crowd, if you get what I mean. So for this year's prom night, I went on wearing the shining shimmering asymmetrical blue dress then just paired it up with a mullet skirt I bought 3 years ago. 

Better to be always safe than sorry. 

Asymmetrical Blue Dress: Price Slash | Mullet Skirt: Thread Manila
Earrings: SM Accessories | Hair and Make by yours truly

What do you think of my prom outfit? Share your thoughts!

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  1. You look so gorgeous in your shining shimmering top Tita Chamee! The blue mullet skirt complements with the dress. And the make up? I don't think you need it kay gwapa na ka daan but you look beautiful with it too :)

    Who's your prom date by the way?

    1. hello Mommy Rovs! no date mommy! hahahaha! salamat sa comments mo! <3


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