Two Zero One Three: The Year That Changed My Life Forever


Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

If I were to sum up everything that has happened in my year, it all boils down to one word: POSITIVITY!

My year 2013 didn't start out good but despite all the trials and tribulations along the way, I discovered that a change in perspective was all I need to endure everything. Life wasn't kind and fair but I managed to hurdle it all because I made a choice to always BE POSITIVE and to look at the positive side of things.

And when you choose to look at the things you have rather than the things you don't have, life magically throws everything within your reach, including HAPPINESS.

I really have a lot to say as I welcome the year but first let's look at this video I made as I recall the best moments of the year that was.

2013 CHAMEE from chamee pecson on Vimeo.

To everyone who has been a part of my rollercoaster ride in 2013, THANK YOU! You have all been there with me in spite of the fact that you too have your own share of problems as well. Thank you to my ever supportive family for their understanding, guidance and unceasing affection. Thank you to my #PositivePeeps and friends from different social circles for the countless laughter and tears, the chill Zen nights that blow away our sanity, the food trips, the Wednesdates, for dragging me to hit the gym for my dose of endorphins so as to forget the emotional turmoil I was going through. Thank you for the pieces of advice, be it sane or insane, all your words been my inspiration to keep moving forward. Thank you for accepting me, for giving me hugs when I needed them the most, and for always showing me that life is really wonderful in spite of the hard times, and that it is these hard times that our character is tested until it shines through. Thank you!

And to that one person who didn't choose to stay, THANK YOU! I've been praying to God to give me a person who can bring me closer to Him. I mistakenly thought it wasn't you after all when you chose to go away, but little did I come to realize that it was really YOU. Yes, after all, on a positive note, what we went through has brought me to seek Him. When everything was already said and done, I turned to Him for enlightenment, healing, comfort and peace. And if there's one thing I have to be thankful for, it was YOU who was the instrument for my faith in Him to be renewed and strengthened. Thank you very much!

And most of all, I thank my Creator who has made all of this possible. Thank you for all the blessings, for all the victories you've poured upon me and for all the trials who molded me into the person I am today - I do believe I am a more positive one because of YOU. I know everything is part of your grand plan and purpose for me. I'll forever be entrusting You with my life forever. And for 2014, I'm ready. Let's bring it on!


I would like to thank all the owners of the photos I used for this video. You know who you are!

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  1. Great new layout! An examined life is worth living... Keep up the interesting and thoughtful writing! --- (Jess)


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