Fun Sunday at Zoofari Kids Adventure


One thing that my nephew Jaime always asks every time after we go to church is to play at the Zoofari Kids Adventure branch in SM City Davao. Located inside the mall, Zoofari is quite a massive play area which is very tempting for kids like Jaime. Every time we're in SM, I make it a point not to pass by the nearby area or else it would cost me more than a hundred bucks. But sometimes, I give in for I know a kid's happiness cannot be matched by any price.

So when I was informed that Zoofari Kids Adventure is holding a Bloggers Event for Mommies,  I crossed my fingers and signed up hoping that I could bring my patootie with me and treat him for another adventure. Thank God, I got a slot, and it was my first blogger event with my little date in tow.

Their branch in Bacaca Road is a lot bigger than the one they have in SM City Davao. Zoofari Kids Adventure doesn't only have a gigantic play area but they also have different function rooms, KTV area and spaces which can cater events like birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, reunions and other activities. Special events no longer need to be formal and boring, and one can celebrate it with a twist at Zoofari Kids Adventure. Aside from that, parents and guardians waiting for their kids can spend their time at the coffee shop and restaurant area. Parents can still be productive even at play time with their kids.

During the Bloggers Event, we played exciting games together with our "dates". Their accommodating staff also showed us the different areas of Zoofari. Here are some photos during the event:


On weekdays:
  • 1 hour : Php 100.00
  • Additonal Php 50.00 for a 30-minute extension
  • Unlimited play: Php 300.00
  • Nanny Pass: Php 20.00 per hour

On weekends:
  • 1 hour : Php 140.00
  • Additonal Php 70.00 for a 30-minute extension
  • Unlimited play: Php 350.00
  • Nanny Pass: Php 20.00 per hour


Every kid's favorites -spaghetti, french fries and hotdogs were served to fill our tummies.

Thank you Zoofari Kids Adventure for that awesome and fun-filled event with our little kids! We truly had a blast!

(082) 305-2315 / 226-2929
Email at

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  1. This is a big help :) Thank you for the information. We'll visit Zoofair soon. Keep on posting.


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