What's New: My Skin Essentials Beauty Bar


Hello lovely readers! As we all know, one of the beauty protocols that we should always abide to is to CLEANSE our face. If we really do value our skin very much, then we must allow our skin to breathe from all those makeup and be free from impurities most especially before retiring at night. After all, a well-cleansed face is the most appropriate canvass before you start your entire beauty regimen, right?

Let me now introduce you to one product I have been using not only to cleanse my face, but my entire body as well - the My Skin Essentials Beauty Bar. If you have read my post about My Skin Essentials, then I'm pretty sure you already have an idea that I have switched to using natural ingredients for my skin care and made this a part of my newly-loved regimen.

Give your skin the tender loving care it deserves. Switch to natural products. Switch to My Skin Essentials!

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