Human Heart Nature Introduces New Products


Last May 18, 2013, Human Heart Nature once again introduced their new products during a May-June 2013 magalogue turnover especially made for bloggers. My interest got piqued with their new products as I have been a consumer of their natural and organic products since the first time I attended a magalogue turnover.

Here are a few of their new products:

1. All-Natural Spray Sanitizer in Cool Burst

2. 100% Natural Bug Shield Mosquito Repellant (new formulation and packaging)

3. Perfect Glow Mineral Blush

4. Tough Love 100% Natural Powder Detergent

During the magalogue turnover, aside from introducing new products, our speaker, Ms. Monique Villanueva also talked about the philosophy and history of Human Heart Nature and how the company has now improved the lives of local farmers with their economic partnership. It is certainly one good thing I appreciate with Human Heart Nature - you do not only get to enjoy 100% natural products but you are also able to help local socioeconomic enterprises through the products your purchase.

Ms. Monique Villanueva

This magalogue turnover would not be all fun and complete without the games. I was on a very lucky strike that day that I got to win during the 2 games and took home different prizes - a bottle of the new Spray Sanitizer in Cool Burst and the Perfect Glow Mineral Blush in Sun Kissed. Thank you very much Human Heart Nature! 


Davao Bloggers
My awesome Human Nature loot

All Human Heart Nature products are available through dealers or you may purchase directly at their store in Plaza del Carmen, Loyola St. Obrero, Davao City. Human Heart Nature is also available at Chimes in Abreeza Mall and in Sales St.

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  1. I definitely need that deet free spray as its rainy season already and there a lot of "pest" flying around! Thanks for sharing =)


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