Goin' for the Gold: The Philippine Madrigal Singers


I already told myself not to sign up for events which happen on a weekdays, most especially when the venue is almost 10 kilometers away from where I'm working and I only have an hour of travel time.

But I broke this one when I signed up to watch the Philippine Madrigal Singers' Goin' for the the Gold 50th Anniversary Outreach Concert Tour last March 5, 2013 at SM Lanang Premier, Davao City. It was my first time to watch and hear them sing live and I was truly in awe of their world-class talents. For those who have no idea who they are, the Philippine Madrigal Singers is the Philippines' best chorale group, comprising of highly talented individuals. The Philippine Madrigal Singers have long been already showcasing their singing prowess around the world. 

Seems like the law of attraction worked again on me when it only took me 30 minutes of travel time from my workplace, making me arrived at the venue 30 minutes earlier than the event. I was lucky to be seated in the front row. When they sang their first song, I could not really fathom what I felt. It was like the heavens opened up and I'm hearing voices of angels serenading the crowd in SM Lanang Premier. In fact, this was even an understatement.

Due to my amazement, I lost track on how many songs they performed during the event. All I know is that each performance was very superb and that they got two standing ovations from spectators. Indeed, world-class talent at its best and right in front of me.

Credits to: Davaofoodtrip.com

I didn't have any regret traveling that far to grace this event. My only regret was that I wasn't able to bring my DSLR to capture their performances but hey, to be in their performance and presentations is a necessity for everybody to experience. The Philippine Madrigal Singers make me proud to be a Filipino.

Thank you SM Lanang Premier and Davao Bloggers for this wonderful experience. 

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