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A lot of people who knew about my running escapades wondered why I am engaged into running. A skinny girl like me would normally get stares from people every time I am out doing the occasional run. I can't definitely say that I am hooked to running nor that I am really passionate with it but I often indulge myself in a healthy run just because I know I deserve one. As a nurse, my running escapade is not solely for weight loss, though I admit that a part and parcel of my running goal is to achieve a great figure. More than that, what I wanted more is to stand out from among the people who just run to lose weight, and be a model to the other few whom I always advised with a healthy lifestyle in order to increase their life's longevity.

Yes indeed. I have often advised my patients who have weight problems to engage in running. However, advising alone won't still make them take their butts off from their seats, go out into the world and run. It isn't always that easy. Therefore, in order to make them engage into running, I've done one thing: TO BE A ROLE MODEL. 

It might sound easy but no, being a role model takes a lot of conscious effort and dedication plus a lot of considerations. If you want to also be like a role model of a healthy lifestyle to your family, friends and peers, here are some things I can share to help you with:

Aim for a goal. Before I made running a habit, I was an avid fan of 3K fun runs. I have always set my mind and my body to achieve the 3K goal, but after getting bored with it, I realized that I could always do a lot better than the usual 3K run. So, I started pushing myself to the limits and engaged in longer runs until I made it to being one of the top 50 finishers for my first 10K run. From then on, I always went home with a finisher's medal. 

Not bad! If I can do it, then so are you. Do not limit yourselves to what you're only familiar or what you're already used to, because you know deep inside of you that you can always be better than that.

Develop discipline. Being a role model pressures you to be always consistent with your behavior. The same also holds true for running. If you want other people to get inspired to run for good health, then developing a discipline is important. Temptations were always around for me to slack off and postpone my running escapades but then I always remind myself of my goal to exert all the discipline I could muster to achieve it. True enough, it always works!

Inspire. Running will not seem to be like task or work if you're having fun. Try getting a pair or a group to run with you. In my case, I have always ask my boyfriend to run with me. Aside from the feeling that I'm always safe when running with him plus the health benefits that we can both get, running serves as a great bonding moment for us. To make running more fun, take pictures! 

Diet and hydration. Most people would often eat less when they run, but for me, I always stick to a full balanced meal when I have running escapades. I also make sure that I maintain being hydrated all the time. Not only will a good diet and hydration status can make you maintain good health but it can also improve your running performance and can reduce the risk of running injuries and disabilities by keeping you on top of your game all the time.

Always keep safe. Since I am running for health reasons, I always advise my patients, friends, families and peers to keep safe all the time, especially when you're on the road. I always emphasize the importance of a warm-up and cooling down sessions so as not to excite your body too much. I always remind them that it will feel more satisfying and fulfilling if you are able to achieve a health goal without adding injuries to your body.

Shoes. I once attended a running clinic to help me prepare for one of my runs. One thing that I learned from this running clinic was that a pair of shoes will always affect your performance. Running shoes might just look like the same but trust me, they're not. You must look for the perfect pair of shoe which can optimize your performance and at the same time, bring you comfort and safety. Therefore, in order to be safe and injury-free all the time, it is important to invest in a great pair of shoes, like this one, THE ADIDAS ENERGY BOOST.

Change the way you run with the new ADIDAS ENERGY BOOST.  Packed with unmatched energy return, superior cushioning, optimal fit and temperature independence, this new breed of running shoe boasts of a revolutionary cushioning technology which provides the highest energy return in the industry. This running technology will truly assist you to provide your optimal running performance with comfort and stability. 

Boost your running performance with the new Adidas Energy Boost. Reserve a pair now because only 200 pairs will be available this season. Once you got hold of this one, running experience will never be the same. 

Take note:

Diet and Hydration. 
Always keep safe. 

I hope that this blog post will be able to help you to also become a role model to the people around you in making them engage and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Health is wealth, so it's better to invest more on things that truly matter. Do not ever take your health for granted.

So what are you waiting for, go out and RUN!

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