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Just a quick post to share what I wore during one of the days that I have been in Palawan. In as much as I want to share to you right now more about my recent trip, I still have to catch some sleep after cramming my thesis for 3 days. There has been some issues with my thesis, so I was asked to submit my proposal immediately. I'm praying that it will be resolved pretty soon so I can move on with the study. Anyway enough about that and off to my outfit post.

I wore this pink abstract dress when I went to hear the Sunday mass in Palawan. Since the mass finished a bit early, my colleagues and I decided to explore around Plaza Cuartel (more of it on my next posts) before heading back to the hotel. 

Pink Abstract Dress: online shop
Belt: SM Accessories
Shoes: Payless

I love the print of the dress and how the pink color strikes a contrast against the green ambiance of Plaza Cuartel. This place actually was a witness to the historical years of Palawan.

I know there's nothing much to say about this outfit except for the fact that this still fits me after months of not wearing it. I decided to bring it with me on this trip since I usually resort to dresses when travelling because of baggage issues. Less baggage on my part since I only need one piece to complete an entire outfit.

What do you think of my outfit? Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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  1. Paano na yung mga poging reader mo. Hehe

    * Gin was here

  2. I love the dress! ;)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I appreciate it! (:
    Nice blog, btw.


    Shiela Mhay


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