Review: Anew Rejuvenate Revitalizing Day Cream SPF 25


A woman is never too old to take care of her skin. For me, a woman should start a rigid skin care routine even before she reaches the age of 20 because with the rampant environmental changes happening now, our skin has become more prone to premature aging. With the heat, stress, pollution and other factors alike, fine lines, wrinkles and large pores tend to develop earlier than expected. 

Having been always exposed to stress, I noticed that I have been developing fine lines and manifesting large pores. Also, my T-zone tends to oil up quickly while the rest of my face becomes drier. I noticed that the day cream from the skincare line I previously used was no longer effective so I started to scout for a great product that can minimize pores and fine lines and at the same time, can delay the process of premature aging. Then I discovered Anew Rejuvenate Revitalizing Day Cream.

What AVON says about this day cream:
This lightweight day cream with a patented sun-protection system is uniquely engineered with a breakthrough fusion of pioneering technologies designed to replicate the steps of a professional anti-aging facial: Exfo-Smoothing Complex: Designed to exfoliate, smooth lines and clarify to help reveal fresher, younger-looking skin. Smoothes rough texture. Lines become less deep. Mini-Extraction Technology: Formulated to work like thousands of micro-extractions to help deep-clean impurities and tighten pores. Shrinks pore size and strengthens pore structure. Revitafresh Technology: Engineered to reinforce cell bonds and help make skin look more even and smoother. Cells come together to form smooth seamless skin. 1.7 fl. oz. In just 2 weeks* 79% of women saw younger-looking skin: smoother skin texture, refined pores, reduced fine lines and more even skin tone. Over time** 50% improvement in texture, clarity and tone.

This cream is from Avon's Rejuvenate Skin Care line which is intended for women ages 30 and above. It is manufactured to reduce the appearance of large pore, fine lines and to improve skin texture. Even though I have not yet reached that age, I still gave this day cream a try because like I have previously said, one is never too old to start the battle against aging.

What I like:
- lightweight cream; doesn't feel too heavy on skin
- doesn't feel sticky upon application
- easily absorbed
- after a week of using, I noticed my pores are minimized
- fine lines are less visible
- my post-acne scars lightened up and became less deep
- my skin doesn't oil up too quickly
- has spf 25
- locally available

What I don't like:
- the smell is a bit weird but tolerable
- packaging is in a bottle (I hope it comes in a tube or with a dispenser!)
- leaves a white cast when photographed with flash, probably because of its SPF content
- quite expensive at P749.00 (bought this at P499.00)

Will I repurchase?
I was able to utilize the entire bottle before making this review. I like how it made my pores smaller and my fine lines less visible that people would often mistaken me as someone younger than my real age. I find it quite expensive but since Avon has a lot of monthly slash-off in their prices, I'm still waiting for a price reduction before purchasing another one. 

Have you tried this? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Im so glad it worked for you! :) I used to work for Avon!

    The Misty Mom

  2. i haven't tried this but wow you are able to finish the pot~ nice to hear that it work nice on you ^_~

    1. i absolutely love this product! i'm still waiting for promos so i can purchase another pot. it's kinda expensive to buy it on its regular price.

  3. I haven't tried this one too. Great review btw. So convincing :)

    Btw, I'm a new follower! You are awesome, keep it up! Looking forward for your new post and hoping you'll check and follow my blog too :)


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