September is PCOS Awareness Month!


Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday!

I'm taking a break from my usual blog posts to give way for something more important - health. This post is intended to ignite awareness about a common syndrome which some of us might not be aware that we already have this.

Have you heard of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS? I used to hear this a lot from my girl friends and acquaintances who have been diagnosed with this syndrome. In fact, my mother has also been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and has undergone surgery to remove the culprit a few years ago. Usually, females affected with PCOS experience irregular periods, acne breakouts and oily skin, significant weight gain coupled with inability to lose weight and pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis. 

To be honest, I've been having irregular periods since menarche that I even grew up getting used to it. Aside from that, I used to worry a lot about my oily skin problems and have been battling with moderate to severe acne for years. I always put the blame to my unhealthy habits such as lack of sleep, intake of fatty and oily foods, and the products that I've been using, and that no matter how I abide to healthier habits and a strict skin care regimen, my acne just won't disappear. I also noticed abrupt weight gain, which I first thought as a result of buffets and binge eating. Never did I imagine considering any underlying health condition for all these events. Not until, in October 2011, when I underwent a transrectal ultrasound (TRS) and diagnosed to have PCOS. Both of my ovaries are affected. I have been under medication for months now and I've noticed that the symptoms in me are slowly disappearing. My skin is noticeably smooth now save for the marks that previous bouts with acne have left as a souvenir, and that my period was back to normalcy. The only problem I'm dealing with right now is the difficulty of losing weight, but little by little, I'm shedding some pounds.

The month of September is dedicated as PCOS Awareness Month. If you're someone who has been experiencing the same things I previously mentioned, then better consult a gynecologist immediately so that treatment can be started as early as now in order to avoid its complications. This syndrome can lead to serious problems, such as infertility and heart disease, if left untreated. 

For this month, help me spread the word about PCOS. For more information and support, click on

Be aware! Spread the word! 

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  2. good for you spreading the important that women are aware of the signs!!


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