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I have a confession to make. 

I am a makeup junkie. I usually try a pot of make-up and if I'm happily satisfied with it, I'll repurchase another. But when I'm no longer happy with the results, I read lots of reviews before trying another. Then the cycle continues. In some instances, when I spot an interesting brand in the department store or over the internet, I take the risk and give it a try. And when this happens, my wallet usually cry because the impulsive me tends to splurge on make-up products that I don't really need. Often, I tend to go with cheaper alternatives but actually ended up me spending more because either the product isn't at all good or sometimes, repairing the breakouts brought about by these cheapskates is far more expensive than the price of a bottle of foundation. In fact, one lesson I learned throughout the whole time that I'm having a love-hate relationship with make-up is that it's more practical to save up for a  highly-guaranteed and trusted make-up brand that can go a long long way than to go for cheaper dupes but having spending a lot more dealing with skin problems in the end. However, there are still what you call exceptions to the rule.

I am no pro when it comes to applying make-up and there are these days when I don't feel like wearing make-up at all. My skin is not even close to perfection - acne scars, blemishes and occasional pimple outbreaks tend to be visible sometimes - thus the need for coverage and color. I usually get contented with BB creams and loose powders but often, these products seems to be lax during mid-day. Still, I'm on the look out for better products which can give me more satisfaction.

So, to answer my need for better make-up without being impulsive and spending too much on fail dupes, I come up with a wish list to guide me on my next make-up purchases in order to make sure that these products are worth every penny I spent for them.

Here we go.



One article I read says that make-up tools are equally as important as the skills that you have and the products that you use. If you want to look like you're being dolled-up by a professional make-up artist, you have to do it also like a pro. The means to achieve it: Use proper brushes/tools for application.

Out of the 8 brushes shown above, I already had half of it (however, some of the brushes I own fail me). I wanted to own brushes from MAC but they are just so expensive plus you have to buy them one by one ( I just recently found out that MAC do not sell their brushes in sets so beware of the counterfeits. There are a lot in Ebay so it's always better to buy from the store. READ HERE how to spot one.). Maybe in time, when MAC arrives in our city, I'll be tempted to purchase each one a month. But definitely, this one will go into my make-up wishlist.

Handy dandy travel brushes! CHARM Travel Pro v.3 from Beauty and Minerals  (photo credit)


Priming your skin into a smooth canvass makes make-up looks better and stays longer. At first, I am already fine with not using primers but with the intense heat of the tropics, using a primer is a must to hide the pores and to control the oil. I'm using one from Benefit's The Porefessional (check my review HERE) but I am not thoroughly satisfied with the product. Here are my top picks:

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer 

Liole Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream in Violet

This is actually a BB cream but I used it before as a make-up base. It has a violet shade which helps to correct the skin tone plus it also has good oil-control too. I hope I can purchase another of this but sadly, my favorite Korean seller has no more stock and the price difference is very far when bought from


BLUSH-BRONZER DUO from NARS in Orgasm/Laguna

I already heard enough raves about the blush in Orgasm making me definitely want to try it out. I have also read somewhere that a bronzer is a good tool for changing the shape of your face and also to minimize a prominent forehead through contouring. I would surely like to give this a try. However, there's no NARS locally available in the city.



I badly need this. Highlighting the face does the magic of instantly transforming your haggard look into a radiant glow. I have always wanted my skin to have a radiant glow which makes you look more blooming and fresh despite having sleepless nights and stressful moments.


I have just recently discovered how an eyeliner can work miracles in your eyes. I am not a fan of it before but now I think I have to eyeliners a shot. It can instantly change the shape of your eyes depending on your mood. Dark brown in a better color compared to black because it does not look too strong especially when worn during the day. 

MAC Fluidline Eyeliner Gel in Dipdown

Cheaper alternative from Maybelline (photo credit)


I always wanted to have a MAC lipstick. I am not a lipstick girl but there are just times that you feel happy just because you are wearing a lipstick. 

MAC has different variations for their lip colors with each one offering a different kind of result. My top picks are the following:

Pro Longwear Lipcreme: Overtime 
Lipstick: Pink Nouveau | Vegas Volt | Russian Red | Lickable | Ruby Woo
Viva Glam Nicki

That's it. I need to remind myself: One make-up at a time.

Forgive me if I tire you up with such a long post but I do hope that I inspire you to make a similar one too so that you'll be able to know what you need to save up for instead of paying for unnecessary purchases. Plus, who knows? There could be a Secret Santa who might stumble upon your list and may end up granting all you wishes!

What beauty product do you really want the most? 

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  1. Funny how I wanted Nars Orgasm so much and when the time came that I finally bought it, the color doesn't show much on my skin. I still keep it, though. =)


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