Hey There, New BB!


Hello there!!! How's your long weekend?

I know I've been on hiatus from blogging again. It happens to be that our city is celebrating its Kadayawan Festival and the best way to enjoy the long weekend (Philippines is celebrating a series of holidays, so for this week, we have 2 days off from work.) is to go out, have fun and enjoy the festival vibe. 

Anyway, remember my post about winning a new phone? (Read here.) Last Tuesday, I met up with Mr. Andrew de la Serna who awarded me my prize from Cheyser's giveaway.

Photo taken with iPhone 4

That's me in the white uniform! LOL! Pardon my haggard face. I just came from a toxic duty that time. 

Here it is, my new Blackberry Curve 9220! For those who thought that this giveaway was just a scam, here's the proof that it's a 100% real thing! I've been enjoying this smartphone for almost a week now, and so far, it has been serving me very well! I'll dedicate another blog post about this phone soon.

Once again, I would like to thank Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa and Mr. de la Serna for this awesome prize! 

Special thanks to le bf for accompanying me and for taking the pictures!

Update: I had this habit of naming my things I'm baptizing this phone as Cheyz. :)

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  1. very lucky! :))


    1. yes i am! finally got to have one of my dream phones! :)

  2. wow u so lucky!

    hope u could join on my giveaway! ^^
    heres the link ---.> http://poptartselle.blogspot.com/2012/08/join-my-international-giveaway-from.html


  3. you have a great blog <3 I love it.

    hope you can check mine as well :



    1. thank you for dropping by! Mind if we follow each other through GFC? I'll be glad to follow back! :)

  4. Mister dela Serna HAHAHAHA samok lagi


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