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Hello, 100+ followers!

First of all, I would like to thank my readers/followers for staying tuned in to my blog. I know that having a hundred plus followers isn't much of an achievement as compared to other successful big bloggers out there but hey, I'm already happy and grateful to have this much readers in the blogosphere in just about a month of blogging! I didn't expect that some people will even be interested to read my posts. Once again, thank you so much. Thank you so much for your avid interests which inspire me to write more, express more and share more! I hope you'll always be loyal to me and keep on enjoying what I'm sharing here!

So, as a way of celebrating, I changed my blog layout because I'm already sick and tired of the old layout. If you're one of the hundred who has been following me around, you'll noticed that what used to be so grey is now white. This time, I am keeping it simple by staying with white. I happen to know some tweaks here and there and I'm showing it all to you through my new blog design.

Also, I added a new button in my blog- the DONATE button in the right sidebar. I'd like to keep my blog open for donations from those who have some beauty products (even food) that they would love to try but are afraid to try it themselves, hence my beauty is coming to their rescue! Of course, since my salary is only enough for my priorities, I need your financial assistance (with your own free will in donating) to support my blog. 

How do you like my new blog design? 

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