On My Nails: First Blush from Sally Hansen


Who says a nurse can't wear colored nails when these look so au naturale?

Sally Hansen's First Blush Nail Color (taken via Instagram)

They say that nurses are the epitome of cleanliness and even though I agree to that notion, the common perception of the general public should not hinder you from expressing your personal style through ....... colored nails. Lucky as I am, my work as a school nurse allows me to wear colored nails but my array of color choices is only limited to those who look au naturale as much as possible. Another criterion also in looking for the right shade is that they also have to look clean without having to attract too much attention to your nails.

I’m glad that I was able to discover Sally Hansen’s First Blush nail polish. This nail color perfectly fits my need to wear colored nails without making people realize that I’m wearing color on my nails. Aside from its beautiful shade, this nail polish also belongs to the extreme wear lines, and it usually takes me two-three weeks to notice any chip off occurring. That means to say, color usually stays longer compared to ordinary nail colors and I don’t have to worry on having to reapply it every weekly considering that my nails go through a lot of stress in relation to my work.

I am highly recommending this nail color to all those professional nurses out there who would like to take the risk of popping a color to their nails without having to sacrifice looking clean and sterile. I’m pretty sure that your supervisors won’t even bother calling your attention since this color not only adds color but it also projects an image of healthier and cleaner nails.

How about you? What’s your favorite nail color?

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