“So, any plans of moving forward?”

I have to ask him back if he was referring to marriage or anything else.

As of this moment, I find myself enjoying my remaining days of youth that marriage becomes the least of my priorities. I admit I used to often dream of walking down the aisle don in a fancy white gown, but as I grew older, I came to realize that after all, marriage is a lot more than just that.

However, my repressed interest for marriage does not mean that I no longer get the wedding feels. Oblivious to a lot of people, I still get excited whenever a wedding invitation pops out at my doorstep or sent through my email. I take so much delight in helping my friends with their wedding plans and I also feel accomplished every time they ask me for help and advice.

And of course, when it comes to wedding announcements, throwing a bridal party must not be forgotten. Close friends and people having significant connections with the bride convene together for a night of fun, food, friendship and some wedding planning in between.

One thing to always put into consideration in wedding planning is the bridal entourage. Bridesmaids also serve as one of the best accessories on a wedding day, thus thought and effort must be put into deciding how the bridal entourage will look like. With the advent of technology, brides-to-be can access affordable bridesmaid dresses online to save them more time and effort. Online stores, like Landybridal, have a wide array of bridesmaid dresses under 100 bucks without compromising style and quality.

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