Dear Santa


First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to your Master, who is my Master as well, for blessing me with more than what I've prayed for. This year has been a year of blessings for me, and in fact, I think I could not ask for more but to be more thankful and more contented with the things that are within my possession and also for the generosity to share them with others. Ang haba noh?!

But since, I've been bugged by someone to come up with a wishlist for this Christmas, I think it's also a big help I can extend to my friends to lessen their hassle of finding me a gift. But seriously, I'm not expecting anything so it's fine. But if you think I've been good this year and that any of these deserves in my hands, then  so be it! A very very big thanks to you!


Demanding, I know right?! Pero since wishlist ko naman toh, isagad ko na! Davao-Manila-Davao, pretty please? Or if you want to hit two birds with one stone, you can also book for DVO-MNL-PPS-MNL-DVO for my 28th birthday. Christmas gift plus birthday all rolled into one! Paki-take note na lang din, March 21, 1987 po ang birthday ko, and female po ako. Kthanksbye!

2. 10-22 mm  LENS FOR CANON

The first time I've seen the photos resulting from this lens, I knew back then that I want one. However, with the arrival of Fox (my iPhone 5s), I only get to play with Red (my Canon 650D) once in a blue moon. Maybe, having a new lens will inspire me to play around with photography again. Plus, a wide lens makes good travel and landscape photos, and it will make me look taller on photos. Bwahaha!


TRX suspension exercises are my most dreaded exercises in the gym. And since I can no longer go to the gym like I used to, it's time to set the gym up in the comforts of my home. I guess this kit pretty much include everything needed to be on beast mode again. Wish pa teh!


Seriously, I've been wanting to have one - a hard copy on how to better blog about food. I want to take food blogging seriously, NAAAAAAAAXXX!, but I don't have the right resources to begin with. So yes, I want to learn more about food writing and a good book will be a big help.


Insert his picture here. Just kidding!

Ito na lang ata kulang sa buhay ko. Hahahaha! Just kidding! Wait ka lang jan tunay na pag-ibig ha?  We'll be together again someday!

Kidding aside, all I only want for Christmas is for love to reign in the hearts of each and everyone. If people will only choose love in all the things that they do, then I guess there will be no room for hatred, selfishness, greed, war and all the bad things that stem from lack of love. I'm not referring to romantic love alone, but the love that springs from knowing that God is present and that His faithful love endures forever. 

So dear Santa, may you sprinkle God's love to each and every one everywhere you go! Merry Christmas!

xoxo, Chamee

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  1. Wide lens! Same here. Pero uy mahal man O_O

    1. Gaya gaya ka lagi sa akoa! Hahahaha pero yes, wide na lang akong kulang.

  2. parang gusto ko na din tuloy gumawa ng ganitong list. kaya lang medyo mahaba habang listahan ang kailangan kaya sa december na siguro. wide lens! gusto ko din yan.

    1. Gawa ka na rin list! :)) hahaha kasi marami-rami yan, dapat paghandaan! LOL


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