Hannah Cano: Event Host Extraordinaire


Imagining my very own wedding, I have always envisioned it as something lively and enthusiastic, somehow depicting my own personality, and a bit off from the traditional wedding reception set-up. And even though I and my (future) groom are stars of such momentous event, I do believe that we can only do so much. Thus, the assistance of a professional host or master of ceremony to help us in orchestrating an ambiance of enjoyment and pleasure on our wedding night is indeed very beneficial.

Even though my groom is yet to be identified, I already have a wedding host in mind, who is no other than my good friend, Hannah Cano. Hannah is the person behind Davao Emcee and does wedding emcee stints and hosting gigs in adult birthdays, engagements and corporate events.  I first saw her spectacular performance as a wedding emcee when she volunteered herself for my sister’s wedding last January 2011. It was actually her first feat as a wedding host but in the way that she handled the reception program with excellence and enthusiasm, nobody would ever think that she’s just a first-timer in this craft. She even went beyond more than just a wedding host because she was always in touch with me (as my sister’s wedding concept creator) in preparing the reception program.

I have always been fascinated of Hannah’s eloquence and versatility ever since I first met her, that’s why I’m confident in referring her to my friends and colleagues. Two years after Hannah’s first stint, I chanced upon her again during my high school classmate’s wedding last December, and true indeed, there was never an ounce of regret in endorsing her because she just keeps on getting better and better in her craft. Connecting with the audience does not seem like a difficulty for Hannah and she manages to keep the crowd engaged all throughout the program.

With her expertise and competence as a host, be it in a wedding or a corporate event, I am pretty sure that Hannah Cano a.k.a Davao Emcee will undeniably be one of the biggest names in the professional hosting industry. 

For professional hosting services, you may contact Hannah Cano through her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DavaoEmcee and follow her on Instagram: @davaoemcee.

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