Grateful at 27



Last March, I opened another chapter in my book of life - 27 years of blessed existence. I may not seem to have everything at this age but first and foremost, I am very much thankful for the life that God has given me. I admit, the past year has been one hell of a challenge for me but if there's one thing that I appreciate the most from all the obstacles I've been through, it's recognizing the value of gratitude.

As I turned 27, a lot of people assumed that my birthday wish was to finally find the love of my life. Yes, it may have been the only thing missing as of now, but I do believe that God has His clever ways of teaching me valuable life's lessons before He handed me over to the one He intended for me. Although I sometimes miss the feeling of having someone special to take care of, call me a hypocrite if I don't, I am thankful for the time being - the gift of solitude - a much-needed time to re-establish myself before I allow opening my heart again to another.

So I guess that's where gratitude takes the throne. If we keep on looking for the things that we don't have rather than appreciating the things that we do have right now, then we will always long for what's missing and happiness will become more elusive. Therefore, I look at this time as a very opportune time to chase my dreams, bond more with my family, dedicate myself to the existing responsibilities, spend quality time with friends, meet new people, socialize more, be more kind and learn to live and love every moment that passes by. 

I couldn't wish for anything more but to be always thankful for all the blessings coming my way. Thank you for being a part of it. Cheers!

Top: Thrifted | Maxi Skirt: Forever 21 | Belt: SM Accessories
Location: Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop
Photos: Sarah Dayrit

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  1. Happy Birthday and enjoy your time alone...soon the right one will come a long and you will appriciate it even more. :)

    Fabulous 30s

  2. I love your skirt! it's one of my favorite colors :) belated happy birthday by the way :)

    do check out my blog at :D

  3. Hi ma'am Chamee :) ganda mo pa rin! And like a s boss na si ma'am Sarah as a photographer :)


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