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During one drinking session with friends, my former HS classmate Jelyn asked me what qualities am I looking for in a guy. I was initially dumbfounded when she asked such question that I wasn't able to respond immediately even though I already have a few things in mind. Since I'm single and waiting for Mr. Right, I thought of coming up with a similar post to what I found from Ria's blog to check my standards and sum up what I've been wanting in a man. 

So here it goes:
1. Suplado = Hmmmmm... I like it when a guy doesn't give me his full attention all the time. There's a sense of mystery that just makes him sexier. Someone who's a bit more challenging and a bit hard to get.
2. Mr. Shades = As long as it's appropriate for the occasion and time, then it's not a big deal. Guys who could pull off an aviator is a plus, like this one below.
Started to appreciate aviators after I've seen Hugh Jackman sexily wearing them in Real Steel.
3. Masculado = He should be physically fit and stronger than me, at least. Having well-toned arms is a plus. Bawal ang lampa at masakitin. LOL!
Damn those biceps! 
4. Guys who give flowers = YES! I love flowers! 
5. Smiling face = Of course. One of the first things I notice in a guy is the SMILE. And if there's something in common among my exes, all of them has a nice set of teeth. Minsan, madali akong madale sa magandang ngiti.
6. Hiphop = Just not in the get-up please.
7. Guys who ask permission before courting = YES. I really appreciate it if you're honest with your intentions from the start.
8. Has earring/s = One is alright but more than that is too much.
9. Used to chew bubblegum = No
10. Long-hair = Acceptable but must not be longer than mine.
Long hair plus that killer smile plus a very attractive accent = Hotness FTW! 
11. Bald = Hahahaha... I like them skinhead.
12. Antipatiko = It depends. 
13. Torpe = Come on, make the first move! :)
14. Computer-games addict = Not  a big deal as long as he still knows his priorities and balances everything.
15. Basketball player = Not necessarily.
16. Mr. Count-my-ex’s-till-you-drop = Definitely NO.
17. Mestizo = Not really pertinent on the looks, but well, why not?
18. Guys who sing well = At least, he knows how to sing because I really don't have a talent in singing.
19. Quiet/tame = Silence can be deadly. I appreciate a conversationalist more than a silent-type of guy.
20. Cum laude = SMART, CAREER-DRIVEN GUYS ARE IRRESISTIBLE! #capslockparaintense I like a guy who has a  strong passion for learning and who gives utmost importance to education and the direction of his career. A man who pursues a higher education is definitely a major turn-on! 
21. Formal = Not all the time. I like a guy who can also get crazy and stupid with me.
22. Friendly = Friendly but not flirty. Enough said.
23. Mr. I have an opinion about anything & everything = Being opinionated is attractive but being Mr. Know-it-all is a turn off. You must be able to stand up for your opinions. 
24. Motorcycle guy = Not an issue. As long as he doesn't drink and drive.
26. Rocker = Hmmmmm....
27. Skate boarder = It depends. Hobbies are good but if he always makes that a priority, then NO.
28. Alaskador (prankster) = In moderation. 
29. Flirt = LOL! Only to me. If it's with others then that's a different story.
30. Mr. Campus Crush = Looks don't actually matter but then why not?!
31. Bigotilyo = As long as he keeps it neat and clean, then there's no problem. But clean men are the best!
32. Painter = If you have special talents, then definitely a plus! 
33. Galante = Of course! As long as he doesn't expect anything in return.
34. Mr. Love Letter = Sweet. At first. There's really nothing wrong with being traditional as long as it's sincere and from the heart. But if a man knows how to be more creative in declaring his feelings for me, then the better. Dapat marunong nang lumevel-up! 
35. Maporma = Sense of fashion and style is a plus but not a major issue. Must at least be clean-looking and knows how to dress decently. He must also be open enough to accept my soon-to-be criticisms of his fashion style. LOL! Pwede na ito. 
36. Talks Too Much = He must know how to sustain a great conversation but too much is sometimes not good since I already talk too much. he must also know how to pay attention and listen.
37. Soccer Hottie = Being athletic is great but not it's actually not a big deal as to what sport you are in.
38. Anti-Christ = NO. I don't care what religion you are in as long as you practice your faith and you do respect mine as well.
39. Mama’s Boy = Oh please! Someone with a backbone!
40. Hangs Out With His Friends A Lot = Not a problem as long as he lets me know his whereabouts and still finds the time to be with me.
41. Mysterious Guy = Initial mystery is a good key to my attention but when you're always mysterious, I might get paranoid. 
42. Cute Idiot = NO!
43. Guitarist = Not a big deal.
44. Wide Vocabulary Guy = DEFINITELY YES! If he loves reading, then YES! If he knows the correct usage of the English language in both written and spoken aspects, then I'll marry you! Knowledge of another language is another turn-on. 
45. Loves you = MUST. SHOULD BE.
46. Tennis guy = Not a big deal.
47. Dark skin = Not too dark please. 
48. Tall = Someone taller than me! 
49. Chubby = It depends. But I'll love it if we get fit together.
50. Hairy = It depends. 
So, there goes my list. In addition to that, I also like a guy who has an interest in photography. I'm not actually that choosy, but a person's character, values and principles are very important to me considering that I don't really want to waste my time anymore on nonsense relationships. 
But still, nothing beats a MAN who is honest and not afraid of showing his real self all the time. After all, love is about acceptance, flaws and all, just as I also want my man to accept me for who I am and who I will be.
So if you think that you could be the MAN I am looking for, hit me up with a message.
Live. Laugh. Love. <3

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