On My Nails: BYS Glitter Dust for Nails in Star Cross Lovers


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Anyway, I've been pretty much overwhelmed with my readers' suggestions as to what they want to see more here in my blog. Most of them wanted to read more product reviews of both local and international brands, outfit posts and some even suggest nail arts!

I love nail art. I love the play and mixture of different nail colors. I love seeing different colors painted on my nails as well. I really appreciate their existence in the universe, thus making me more envious of some people who have great talents in doing nail art. Unfortunately, my job as a school nurse (yes, I am a nurse, for those of you who do not know) requires my nails to be color-free at all times. But my workplace is not too strict with this policy so sometimes, I'm able to sport nude-colored nails or french tips, and when there are no students around, I enjoy the freedom of wearing different colors on my nails.

Now, here's one product I tried which I like to share to you - the BYS Glitter Dust for Nails in Star Cross Lovers. This 3D nail product is actually part of the BYS loot given by my friend, Ria Jose. Glitters are usually a part of the nail color enamel but BYS made an innovation with its paint-dip-brush method. The entire set comes with a bottle of nail enamel, glitter dust and brush.


I suggest doing one nail at a time to achieve the best effect. First, PAINT the nails using the enamel. BYS' Star Cross Lovers comes with a neon-pink enamel. The color may come off as too stunning and bright when used alone. Next, DIP the nail with wet enamel into the glitter. It is best done when the enamel is still freshly applied so that the glitter will really adhere. Lastly, wait for five minutes (or more to ensure that the nail is all dried up) to BRUSH away the excess glitter on the nails. Then VOILA! Now you're ready to party the night away with your glitter nails.

What I like about it:

  • easy to apply
  • an art on the nails without the need for extra precision
  • stunning color
  • attractive
  • last long
  • available in many colors

What I don't like about it:
  • difficult to remove
  • glitter tends to create a mess
  • expensive at P499.00 per set

To know more about their product, you can check out the Facebook page of BYS Philippines.  Have you tried using BYS Glitter Dust on your nails? Tell me what you think about it!

***photos taken using iPhone 4. Sorry for the low quality.***

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