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In the modern world we're living in today, people have already been open-minded enough to embrace the idea that being sexy is not only limited to those who are endowed with oozing physical attributes and a less than 24 inch waistline. We all have our own individual connotations and definitions of the word SEXY, and for me.....SMELLING GREAT IS SEXY!

As a nurse, one thing I learned in the medical field is to enhance my sense of SMELL. I utilize my very keen sense of smell as a way of determining my patient's condition, as foul odor is often a determinant of  bacterial infection or contamination and other underlying medical disorders. In our everyday lives, smelling good is also one measure of how a person takes care of herself, as bad odor is indicative of poor hygiene. For me, how a person takes care of herself really reflects how she gives importance to and values herself, and certainly, that can be assessed with how she.... smells.

With this thought in mind, I learn to live on the idea that I can never leave the house without smelling good. In fact, good is an understatement because if I have the capacity to smell great, then  so be it - I need to smell great! Personal hygiene makes you smell good, but gushing on a signature scent makes you smell great, and smelling great is again, sexy!

But, let's face the fact that donning on a signature scent will cost us a few bucks off our precious bank accounts. I don't often splurge on expensive perfumes but the way that this perfume "addiction" makes me feel good, makes me believe that I'm sexy in just a spritz of a tantalizing scent, gives a booze to my confidence, thus brings the value to every buck I spent for it.

Blame it all on my latest discovery, the FReSH Fragrance Bar, the Perfume Store for Perfume Addicts! It offers different brands of signature scents at reasonable prices as compared to department stores, perpetual promotions, loyalty programs and flexible payment schemes that a perfume lover would never really dare to miss. They have an extensive selection of premium imported scents that comes in a reasonable price and a guarantee that what you're getting is the real thing. The luxurious signature scents I once coveted can now be truly within my reach because of FReSH Fragrance Bar! 

Now, smelling great may not be as costly and difficult as it was before with FReSH Fragrance Bar. They currently have 5 retails stores around the Philippines namely in Alabang Town Center, Eastwood Mall, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Marquee Mall Pampanga and the one nearest my location, the one I'm frequenting into, Abreeza Mall Davao. They still have more branches to come so there's no need to worry if you still don't have FReSH Fragrance Bar near you. For more information, visit the FResh Fragrance Bar Facebook page.

 Strike out forcing yourself to diet or visiting your gym daily just to be sexy from your list of this year's resolution. There's certainly no need to put that heavy make-up on, no need to starve yourself, no need to shed off  those heavy extra pounds just to fit in to that XS dress you bought a year ago in order to feel sexy and be sexy. 

This 2013, embrace the thought of being sexy just by smelling great and sexy. Let FReSH Fragrance Bar change the way you define sexy!

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