Goals for 2013


Aside from the thank you's and resolutions I've come across over the blogosphere, a lot of people have also shared their goals and wishes for 2013. I have been always praying for a better year (and definitely more years) ahead of me and I believe that God has a lot of blessings in store for me and family - I just need to have faith. However, I learned to also realize that things may not always be always to my liking so I'm leaving everything in God's control.

Anyway, here are things (I can control) which I want to achieve this coming year:

1. A CANON 50mm f/1.8 II LENS

Photos courtesy of KenRockwell.com

The first time I used the 50mm f/1.8 lens, I have been wanting to buy one. I was amazed with how beautiful the photos can be with this lens.  Many bloggers have been using this lens with their photos and I simply adore the wonderful depth of field it gives. This lens will be a pretty addition to my kit lens which I'm currently using right now with my camera and I hope that I can be able to achieve this goal before I turn 26.


Photo from here.

I have been badly wanting to have this make-up palette ever since I first saw it.  It has almost everything I need in learning and practicing the basics of make-up plus it is more affordable compared to other brands. Aside from that, I'd like this blog to have more FOTD's for the year, and I know that this palette will be a very big help.I  was about to purchase one last December but I opted to delay buying it because I needed more funds for the new camera so I hope to finally lay my hands on it this year.


Photo from here.

No, I just don't want this. I need this! I guess this will be the very first thing to be off from the list. However, I am still scouting for the best possible full body mirror I could place in my room. 


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I've been planning to replace my computer chair for such a long time now. My bouts of back pains have become more frequent just because of improper positioning and since my health is already at risk, this goal has to be prioritized more. However, I am quite picky when it comes to computer chairs. I do not only consider ergonomics and comfort but also aesthetics as well. I'm still searching for the right one.


Photo from Google Images
This was my biggest frustration in 2012. I already had a student permit to learn how to drive way back in 2011, and was supposed to get my driver's license a few months after. However, things got out of hand and I got so immersed in work and studies (and blogging as well) that I forgot to facilitate my license. Just when I was about to get it, I discovered that my student permit expired 7 days ago. I had no choice but to renew the student permit again but this year, I will no longer allow it to happen again.


Photo from HERE.
I need a severe blow to my head to wake me up and keep me back on track again. After all the waiting and panicking, I am still under the custody of my ever supportive adviser. Time is ticking and I need to have my defense before the semester ends. Pray for me, pretty please!

There goes my list of goals for 2013, as of now. I'm keeping it short and achievable, and when the time comes that I have omitted one from the list, I'll be adding another goal to keep me going.

What are your goals for 2013? Tell me what you think!

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