Waking Up in Vegas


Happy Holidays!

I know I am a little late for sharing this but hey, we're still enjoying the Christmas season so I think am still quite "on time". Aside from Halloween, Christmas is also the perfect time for themed parties and gatherings which require a lot of planning and effort to dress up and impress. For the Davao Bloggers Christmas Party, the theme the organizers have chosen was Casino Royale, which means that attendees will have to dress up like James Bond, Bond Girls or something related to the fabulous world of Casino in Vegas.

When I first knew of the theme, I was like clueless as to what I'm going to wear. But one thing is definite on my mind: I am not going to dress up like a Bond Girl because I have a gut feeling that most will dress up like one. I spent hour googling for any casino-inspired outfit ideas until I came up with this. 

Photo by: Fra Jamir
Royal Blue Sparkle Dress: Price Slash
Black Snakeskin Pumps: People are People
Necklace and Ring: SM Accessories
Feather Headdress: do-it-yourself

Photo by: Michael Balgos

I was already going to settle down wearing a little black dress to the party but then I stumbled upon Price Slash in Facebook just a few days before the event. At first, I was hesitant of buying the dress because it was too sexy for me or that it may not fit me. I was a bit relieved after knowing that the owner was a college friend, Resci Rizada, and after she gave me a few details about the dress, I arranged for a meet-up and the transaction went on very smoothly. The dress was a perfect fit on me but since I was feeling a bit conscious of my bulging tummy, I went on a general liquid diet (all liquids, no solids) for two days before the event. And if you can notice a bulge on my tummy in that photo above, I have already broken my diet in that party.

And of course, all the glitters and sparkle would not be truly Vegas without.... a feathered headdress! On the morning of the event, I got inspired to make a feathered headdress. I haven't done something like this ever since but I pushed myself to try some luck. I was fortunate that I spotted all materials I needed at home and after 2 hours of craftsmanship and a lot of feathers on the floor, here's what I made:

Photo by: Verna Luga

What do you think of my outfit?

 I'll be sharing more pictures behind the Davao Bloggers Christmas Party in my next post so keep on dropping by every now and then. Cheers to the New Year ahead!

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  1. Looks great:)~New follower



  2. I love your dress :) I might have to check out that FB shop! And by the way, I can't believe you did that headdress yourself :) Pretty!



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