Touchdown Palawan


Having seen a lot of photos and heard a lot of raves about the beautiful province of Palawan, I have been itching to travel to this sought-after destination. God must have heard my prayers when our school finally chose this Puerto Princesa, Palawan as a venue for our organizational activity. It took a long time to plan this activity; tickets were booked in advance, documents for travel were secured and travel packages were availed considering that we are going to travel in a large group. And come last week of October, my dream of reaching this place has finally become a reality. 

Since we are allowed to bring anyone (as long as we pay for them!) and that my mother and I are working in the same institution (but different departments), we took the opportunity to tag along my father on this trip. This has been the only time that our family has been able to travel again, although we're missing out a few members. Fortunately, we were able to score a promo deal on a direct flight from Davao to Puerto Princesa via Cebu Pacific in just P790.00 per pax, which already included 15 kilos of baggage for each passenger. 

Even though the weather reports warned us of cloudy skies and rainshowers, we were blessed with a very good weather on the entire duration of our travel. A calm deep blue sea greeted us before the plane touched down the runway.

And now, here's what I wore as a travel outfit on my first day in Palawan.  I decided to wear this outfit since I opted for something that I can wear from airport to destination. I just paired this up with a black blazer to battle the cold environment in the airport terminal and inside the plane but ditched the blazer off once I stepped out of the plane. I wanted to feel the vibe of summer and thankfully, the weather was very cooperative with me.

 Tie-dyed sleeveless top: Zara
Black denim pants turned into shorts: thrifted Levi's jeans
Black Sandals: Payless
Summer hat: SM accessories
Sunnies: local department store
Owl Necklace and bracelets: Tomliz

What do you think of my outfit?

This is just the first of my many posts about my travel to Palawan. This place is indeed a paradise and I still have a lot of awesomeness to share in my future posts so better pay a visit every now and then. I'll talk to you soon!  

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  1. LOVE the shirt! Your pictures look so New York its currently FREEZING so looking at these photos makes me super jealous :)

    1. one of the perks with living in the tropics is that we get to enjoy warm weather all year round. :)

  2. Nice photos, Cham. Ito yung Sony mo?

    1. yep yep. ok sya pang travel. pang portrait di masyado kay wide angle. hehehe

  3. Your outfit is really bagay with Palawan :) cute!

  4. Hi Chamee! I love your site! I guess I'm your newest follower! :) Come check me out when you have a chance. I'm at Great connecting with you!!

  5. Wow good for you to have traveled to Palawan and with your family too! How i wish we could also go there next year. will look forward to more pictures :)


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