Pink Friday


As you all know, some registered nurses here in our country often end up having different career paths from our chosen profession because of the growing number of supply but very limited demand for nurses. Lucky for me, I am one of the fortunate ones who landed in a job which is really in line with my profession, not to mention, I am in the government service too.

Being in a professional world, I have to adhere to the rules and regulations including wearing of prescribed uniform and from Mondays to Thursdays, I am a girl in a plain white uniform. Indeed, Friday is the only day in a week wherein I have to decide on an outfit. Although I have the privilege of not having to go through all the trouble of deciding what to wear for 4 days in a week, the hassle underlies in the fact that I have to consider a number of policies indicated in our company's dress code before choosing what to wear. 

Friday is also the only day  when I can go out and stay out longer since I don't have work on weekends. Hence, one of the major factors I have to consider in choosing a Friday attire is that it can be wearable day and night. Last Friday night was also the night that I had dinner with le bf and his family at Kusina Selera (post coming soon). But as of the moment, let me share to you first what I wore last Friday from morning till night. 

Sorry for the low quality pics. I was able to bring my camera at that time but unfortunately, I forgot to insert the memory card inside. WAAAAAAAHHH!!! Oh the clumsy forgetful me! I'm glad that le bf has his Iphone in tow so we resorted to using the phone's camera only.

Top: Bazaar | High-waist Pants: from Cebu 
Photos taken by iPhone 4 | Post-processed using Snapseed and PhotoFX

What do you think of my Friday outfit?

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