Retro Fever


We did a mini-photoshoot for the video presentation to launch the 25th Foundation Day celebration of our school and the theme of the shoot: RETRO. I have been feeling under the weather for the past few days, and I am not really in the mood to prepare and dress, or even to come up with an outfit for the shoot. The morning of the scheduled shoot, I just grabbed the first clothes I saw in my closet that came close to the theme of the shoot and here's what I came up with.

Skirt: Mom's | blue sleeveless polo: gift from bf's mom

After the shoot, we decided to take a peek in our child-minding center and were convinced to play up with the colorful rubber mats. Our costumes were very colorful that we realized matching them up with the colorful mats.

Until next time! 

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  1. Very cute! I really like the background of the mats - puts the retro look together. (:

  2. Thank you so much! :)Just followed you in GFC. I hope you can follow mine too...

  3. Love the background! Cute! <3


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