No more plastics in Davao City


One thing that makes me proud of being a Davaoeña is that my city government initiates ordinances which are very beneficial to the community. Examples of which is the Smoking Ban which has been implemented for 10 years already, and effective today, the ban on the use of plastics is being put into practice.  I do believe that this is such a wonderful initiative for the city in reducing the number of trash accumulated brought about by the use of plastics. Even though I am in full support of this new city ordinance, I also do have my share of apprehensions with regards to its implementation. One thing is, can we really impose a total ban on the use of plastics? I somehow fear that maybe, what will happen will just be similar to the implementation of the anti-smoking ordinance – say for example, establishing a smoking area within an establishment will not totally eradicate the smoking habit but only provides an area for smokers to pollute only themselves and fellow smokers. Now if the very purpose of the ordinance is to stop the smoking habit (which is really difficult!), then the city must not offer a venue to just continue the habit.

Going back to the issue on plastics,  it might be difficult for consumers to adopt immediately to the new ordinance considering that we have relied too much on plastics because these do not only give us storage, but its waterproof characteristics provide additional benefits as well.  It will take time, but eventually, the environment will soon reap its profit if only people will be very obedient with this ordinance.

Let’s continue to support this city ordinance on the ban of plastic use. I’m thinking that maybe later, I will buy myself an eco-friendly reusable bag which I intend to carry with me always.

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